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MOTUS Dance Company

M - Movement
O - Outreach


latin for movement


MOTUS Dance Company

What makes us different from other companies?

MOTUS is a dance company built upon the desire to learn together, collaborate and create and then to share our movement with the community in unique ways as “ambassadors” of dance education.  Dancers will learn technique together, create dances based on compositional studies in our sessions and serve to educate our community about the art of dance through stage performances, visits to preschools, senior centers and other venues and participation in various community events.


How do you get into the company-is there an audition?

To become a member of the company, a dancer must be at least age 8 (by October 1 of the current school year). Dancers may join until age 17 (if a dancer turns 18 during a school year, they may remain in the company through the completion of that school year).

To join the company, a dancer must enroll in at least one class of their choosing at Cottage Dance Academy or with Liz Borromeo Dance, and they also will commit to attending company sessions scheduled for Saturday afternoons throughout the school year. There is not an audition. 


What is the time commitment like? Will dancers have the chance to participate in other activities outside of dance?

MOTUS dancers will have a set schedule each month; we build the school year schedule to distribute at our first session of the year, and we make every effort to make minimal changes to the company calendar.  Company dancers are expected to attend their regular dance class at the studio, and we will schedule outings to perform and share our work throughout the community. As often as possible, special events are scheduled on regular “session” weeks.  We encourage dancers in the company to continue their other activities, and hope that participation in MOTUS will be an enhancement to their education and life experience.


Will it cost a lot to participate? Is there a separate fee?

Dancers with the desire to perform and share their work should be able to do so without a heavy financial burden on families…cost to participate in the company will be kept to a minimum.  There will be a small monthly fee to cover teaching time (Saturday afternoons will be spent on technique as well as choreography) our company t-shirts and performance-related costs such as travel arrangements, rental of space, etc.  The monthly fee is $30 for a single dancer and $50 for a family fee (siblings participating in the company). The monthly MOTUS fee is bundled into the “Unlimited” tuition fee, so students at that rate do not pay a separate fee for company.

For details on our schedule, please visit the MOTUS Schedule page.

Interested in joining MOTUS?

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