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CDA Performance Company

CDA Company Members


Ella Fitzgerald  is a senior in high school. She has been dancing for years. She loves dance because she can silently express emotions and spread joy. Ella loves ballet, but also enjoys trying other styles. She is excited to be in the company where she will get more performance opportunities and get the chance to work on new choreography! 


Averi Mason is a sophomore in high school, and has been dancing since she was two years old. She started at Columbia Dance, then transferred to Liz Borromeo Dance when she was seven. She now dances with Cottage Dance Academy and has been doing so since they opened. The dance styles she focuses on are contemporary, jazz, and ballet. Besides dancing, Averi also enjoys theater and singing, and will be playing Jasmine in her school’s upcoming musical, Aladdin.


Jacqueline Robinson began dancing at the age of four with Liz Borromeo Dance. She has taken Dance at The Cottage Dance Academy since it’s inception a year ago. Jacqueline attends the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics where she takes a variety of dance classes. She also performs with the VSAA Extended Day Dance Ensemble. In addition to dancing, Jacqueline enjoys writing, playing the piano, rock climbing, and participating on the track team.

Cottage Dance Academy Performance Company photos by Heather Newell Photography

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