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Currently we are accepting registrations for the 2023-2024 school year.


Our school year calendar runs from September through June and follows the Vancouver Public School calendar, including all holiday breaks. There are two performances scheduled per calendar year, one in January and one in June; these are a wonderful time to showcase the dancers talent and artistry, and a wonderful community event. 

Take a look at our Gallery​ page to see some of our amazing classes in action! If you have questions about any of our classes or what the correct placement is for you or your child, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you find the perfect class fit!


// 2023-2024 School Year Class Schedule is here. //


// 2023-2024 School Year Class Registration form is here. //

And don't forget to check out our Studio Policies page for more information on what you can expect when preparing to attend classes!

Fees: $25 School year registration fee ($40 for families)
Adults: $25 per/class drop-in 


Monthly Tuition:* Rate is based on equal payments over the 10 month school year; breaks and holidays are accounted for in the monthly rate.


45 minute class: $55  //   60 minute class: $75 //   75 minute class:$85  //   90 minute class: $100 //


Two 75 minute classes: $150  //   Two 90 minute classes:$175  //   Unlimited Rate:$295 //   Company Fee:$55


More information about our curriculum can be found on our Curriculum page. 

If you're interested in registering class(es), please call, text or email us and we'll be happy to get you signed up.** 


**We prefer to communicate with our dancers (or their parents) so we can ensure that dancers are in the ideal class. 


If you're interested in registering for one more classes, please get in touch!
We'll be happy to assist you in joining our dance community!

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Please note: Students will be placed into the appropriate class level based on assessment of skills and technique along with consideration for the age guidance shown below. If a student is found to be between levels, they may be advised to take the lower level class as well as the higher level or they may benefit from private lessons to develop fundamentals. Our dancers move through the levels based on careful, constant and individual assessment throughout the year. We offer a complimentary trial/placement class for all prospective students.



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